Who's Behind This Site

Hi there! 👋 I'm Gianna, the passionate nutritionist, foodie, and researcher behind SafeToMunch.com. I have been studying food and nutrition all over 10 years and love sharing my findings with all.

A Bit About Me:

I've always been fascinated by how foods interact with our lives—not just how they taste, but how they can be kept fresh and safe for our consumption. Through my studies and ongoing research, I've delved deep into understanding the shelf life of various foods and the best ways to store them. Safe food storage isn't just about longevity; it's about maintaining the rich flavors and ensuring we're eating what's best for our bodies.


  • Nutrition
  • Food Safety

"Every bite we take can be a delightful experience if we know the journey our food has taken. That's what I aim to share with you—knowledge for safe and delightful munching."

My Professional Journey:

Starting off as a home cook experimenting with food storage, I quickly realized the importance of understanding food longevity and safety. Over the years, I've collaborated with various food experts and platforms to ensure that what's on our plates is both delicious and safe. Besides SafeToMunch, I've shared insights on Medium and Quora.

Apart from running SafeToMunch, I've also been involved in local charities and self-funded food drives in neighboring communities, where I help others understand the importance of food safety.


While SafeToMunch is my main project, I've had the pleasure of working alongside other brands and heavily participating in a variety of food forums online, such as discusscooking.com and cookingbites.com, aiming to enhance food storage solutions for households everywhere.

How I Do Content Creation:

Each article or tip you find on SafeToMunch is meticulously researched and verified from my own personal testing for hours before I write my articles. For me, ensuring the credibility of my content is paramount. I cross-reference with reputable food safety guidelines, liaise with experts, and even conduct experiments to provide you with accurate and trustworthy advice.

From time to time, I may get certified chefs' and doctors' opinions on the articles I write. So you can confidently read my articles and be assured that what you are reading is factual, tried, and true.

A Peek Into My Life:

When I'm not busy researching or writing, you'll find me hiking the trails less trekked or at home making delicious meals for my family. I believe in balancing work with passions that keep us grounded.

Let's Connect!

Got questions or suggestions, or want to chat about all things food? Don't hesitate! Reach out to me at gianna@safetomunch.com.

Looking forward to our food-filled conversations!